In my professional life, I have created ordinary products, whether high-tech or for everyday use. I have always taken into account the pleasant shapes and the proportionate measures. In short, I always ensured that they were as ergonomic as possible. Plastic art is the sublimation of the creativity of shapes, the combination of colours and the application of textures.

This same art can be extrapolated to architecture and to individual art since they both have adapted to trends and techniques throughout the times. Concerning photography, performing and audiovisual arts, ballet and other disciplines, such as modern circus, art blends with movement and the result is a pleasant synchronism of artistic combinations.

If we add music, which as a major art form regales our ears with marvelous symphonies, we have an example of what our senses can perceive to recreate with the whole ensemble.

I am so fascinated by art and the beauty of it that when I want to do something, I try to give it a special meaning. One example is the Ultramar perfumes, where each fragrance has been chosen with care, as well as every part of the packaging such as the beech wood cap and the natural cardboard.

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