I like cooking. We all enjoy it at home. More than half of the photographs on this page are of dishes cooked at home.

Our region is full of great cooks who we admire and provide us with inspiration. By visiting their restaurants we can take pleasure in discovering their culinary skills which transmit a great sensitivity, creativity and respect for the products. Mediterranean food and condiments are healthy and they form a diet that, if we know how to balance, can be the best in the world. In addition, it is varied and full of beneficial properties for our body that can extend our life.

The countryside gives us excellent local products. The sea provides fish and seafood of all kinds and the farms, scattered throughout the territory, give us poultry and meat which complete a great gastronomic festival. The mushroom season elevates the culinary scents and enhances the taste of broths and stews in a sublime way. The smell of mushrooms such as boletus or chanterelles catch our sense of smell and give us an organoleptic happiness in the early autumn feasts. Let’s enjoy home cooking as well as the great cooks of the world. Let’s be attentive to what they prepare and how they delight our palates.

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