There are special moments in which we can do a little bit of everything to enjoy life and the small things we have at our fingertips on a daily basis. For example, drinking a beer. There are so many types; toasted, light, blonde or brown, we would not be able to finish all the brands that the market offers. In the summer, they are very refreshing and quench our thirst while delighting us while we taste them.

In our region we do not usually have appetisers during the week. The work schedule does not allow us to do so. However, there are other areas where all of these customs become authentic ceremonies that people, wisely, do not give up. Midday is a good time for relaxation. Occasions to learn new things such as cooking, painting or any other activity that breaks the monotony of everyday life are also special.

Although it has been scientifically proven that smoking is not good for your health, there is a pleasure and an art that I enjoy sporadically; slowly savouring a good cigar slowly, without dropping the ash. This can’t be such a bad thing…

Doing some sport when possible such as gymnastics, golf or any other modality, helps us to relax our nerves and thoughts while also offering us physical benefits. Life is full of unique good things and moments.

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