To begin with, let me confess that I love Catalonia and its wonderful landscapes ranging from the Ebro Delta to the Costa Brava, and from the Pyrenees to the Montseny; all are beautiful and peaceful. There are also many areas of the Iberian Peninsula, including Portugal, which amaze me. The different French regions with their particularities and variety of landscapes captivate us at all times of the year. It is a real pleasure to enjoy Provence when the lavender blooms and is ready to be harvested. If we talk about cities, I could spend a whole month in Paris enjoying the artistic and cosy atmosphere of its many neighborhoods.

I am also fascinated by the Italian region of Tuscany, especially in the summer, which, despite the stifling heat, allows you to dream when you walk through the rows of cypress trees which line the roads leading up to the hills. The Italian lakes are wonderful, Como, Maggiore, Garda and all the surrounding areas.

I also feel very comfortable in Austria, in cities like Vienna, Salzburg and Graz, among the mountains of meltwater streams, during the summers of Innsbruck and other alpine areas. The majesty of the German Black Forest engulfs and dwarfs me, the canals of Leiden and Amsterdam in Holland invite me to live differently. And if a medieval nostalgia invades me, I have the incomparable resource of visiting Scotland which takes me to the past with the advantage of delighting me with the sound of the bagpipes and the taste of a good whisky.

Logically, I also like to enjoy certain American, African and Asian countries, such as China, which I identify with because I have worked and visited it extensively. However, I personally find Europe so varied that I enjoy it above all other destinations.