If we start with our region, in all the appellations of Catalonia we find excellent wines. Some of them are world-class brands. Each winery has particularities within its area. Leaving aside the incontestable strength of the Penedés cavas which have taken the quality and personality of their sparkling wines all over the world, the less extensive appellations hold treasures of great prestige.

Each winery in Priorat, Empordá, Montsant, Alella or Pla de Bages, created with the effort of their people who live there day by day produce wines of great quality year after year.

On my Instagram page @joseptorrentscomas, I comment on some of the experiences and discoveries that can be found in the markets. You can find excellent wines at great prices. When we talk about wines good ones are not always expensive and the expensive ones are not always good. Let’s be on the alert and enjoy wines without emptying our wallets.